Rules and Regs 2019


Tournament Format

As in past years, the format of the tournament will be double knockout guaranteeing everyone two games (the committee may alter the competition structure based on the number of entries but the 2-game minimum will always apply). In 2019, teams can enter in these divisions:

  • Men's or Women’s Competitive

  • Men's or Women’s Social

  • Men's or Women’s Over-35 (10-a-side)

All games will be 7-minute halves, apart from the Competitive finals being 10-minute halves. All Old boys 10-a-side games will also be 10 minute halves. Tournament start time will be no earlier than 8AM Saturday May 4th 2019. Full draws and schedule will be posted in the week before the tournament.

Entry Fees

Regular divisions: $500.00 per team (max. 12 players); Old Boys/Girls: $600 per team (max. 18 players)

Entry fees include:

  • Tournament entry (2 games guaranteed)

  • Lunch Saturday and Jasper 7s Mug

  • Cash and Other Prizes

Cash Prizes

Confirmed prize: Men’s Competitive - $1000

All other prizes will be determined based on the number of entrants and the competition structure and announced prior to tournament. Awards will be presented either on the pitch or at the tournament Social Saturday night at the Athabasca Hotel. 


The tournament follows all IRB 7-a-side regulations with up to 12 players aged 18 years or older allowed on each team's roster. Old boys will follow 10-a-side regulations with up to 18 players aged 35 years or older on each team’s roster. Teams are permitted to make 5 substitutions per game and substituted players can return to the field. Old boys substitutions are unlimited. All other IRB 7-a-side regulations apply.

Registration and Rosters

Following the new Rugby Alberta tournament sanctioning rules, players no longer need to have their club or 2-week registrations to participate in the tournament (insurance is provided by the tournament). Teams still must provide a team roster - players not listed on the roster form would not be eligible for the tournament's insurance coverage. Team registration starts February 1st by completing the team entry form, initial player roster, and submitting the entry fees. Team lists can be modified up until the day of the tournament.


Tournament social and headquarters are the Athabasca Hotel. Please support the AthaB by staying there - ask for Bob Graham, Tournament contact, when making reservations: c) 780-852-8352, e) (or Toll free 1-877-542-8422). Teams should check-in at the AthaB Friday night to get their tournament draw, info package, and any pre-purchased T-shirts. Saturday night social starts at 9PM.


Unified by a love of rugby, the mountains, and a great party.

The tournament is sanctioned by the Edmonton Rugby Union, the Alberta Rugby Union, and the Canada Rugby Union. All refs are provided by the Alberta Referees Union.